December 18, 2020 | 8:00 PM

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Anthill Cinema returns! This time they will be doing a set of holiday tunes (their own arrangements) with special guests! Plus a second set in which they will be performing and recording their first album, Nobody, in its entirety!

A 7-piece experimental fusion collective from St. Petersburg, FL, this project is a melting pot of some of the most unique musical minds in the scene. A cross between prog-rock and fusion jazz and film score music, this band has an electrifying sound with ambitious energy that captivates audiences on all walks of life. Consisting of members Justino Lee Walker (Guitars/Vocals), Matt Mayú (Keys/Guitar/Vocals), Yral “DatDudeOnDrums” Morris (Drums), Jimmy Rector (Percussion), Cody Moore (Woodwinds/Keys/Vocals), and Jason Hobert (Guitars/Vocals), Vinny Svoboda (Bass), this band stemming from a variety of influences, such as colorful sounds, cinema, and world cultures. The inception of Anthill Cinema came from a merger from two already existing projects, to create a new style that steps into the realm outside of the norm and vividly paints a sonic experience unique to its own theme. Known for their dynamic repertoire, accompanied by a spectrum of songs and instrumental pieces, this collective is sure to create a fulfilling experience to witness from beginning to end.