February 16, 2024 | 7:30 PM

Chi-Town Transit Authority is an 8-piece Chicago Tribute band based out of Atlanta established in 2017 and dedicated in reproducing the “Chicago” concert experience by performing all of the familiar and famous songs covering over 4 decades of steady hits written and recorded by Chicago.

Reviews from Academy Park Performing Arts Center concert:

  • This group was absolutely awesome. Hope you get them to come back next year, I want to bring my entire family!
  • They were fantastic!!!
  • They were fabulous and sounded exactly like Chicago!!
  • Absolutely superb. It was wonderful songs, and the band was excellent. I enjoyed it so much and the 8 entertainers illustrated they were enjoying doing the performance.
  • This was the best night ever! The whole experience was amazing. Thank you ChiTown!
  • Fantastic music. Every instrumentalist and vocalist was top notch. Hope they’ll be more performances like this.
  • Excellent show, great vocalists and musicians AMAZING!!!!
  • This was the best show of the year!
  • The Chi-Town was great. The musicians were top notch. So many hit songs. Brought back a lot of memories.
    I loved this show!

Check out more: https://chitownband.net/home-1