March 9 - 10, 2024

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Grab your wand and lightsaber and join us for a night of pure musical enchantment! The OSO will perform scores from two of the most beloved movie franchises of all time – Harry Potter and Star Wars. As the orchestra plays soaring melodies to epic battle themes, images from these iconic films will be brought to life on the screen above.

Program for From Hogwarts to a Galaxy, Far, Far, Away! Film music from Harry Potter and Star Wars with the Ocala Symphony next weekend (March 9 & 10):
Star Wars (Main Title) – John Williams
Princess Leia’s Theme – John Williams
The Asteroid Field – John Williams
Hans Solo and the Princess – John Williams
Here They Come – John Williams
The Rebellion in Reborn – John Williams
Scherzo for X-Wings – John Williams
The Jedi Steps & Finale – John Williams
Vs. (Intermission)
Hedwig’s Theme – John Williams
Buckbeak’s Flight – John Williams
Hogwarts’ Hymn – Patrick Doyle
Hogwarts’ March & Fireworks – Patrick Doyle
Flight of the Order of Phoenix – Nicholas Hooper
Harry and Hermione – Nicholas Hooper
Obliviate – Alexandre Desplat
Lily’s Theme – Alexandre Desplat
Courtyard Apocalypse – Alexandre Desplat
Harry’s Wondrous World – John Williams


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