November 17, 2023 | 7:30 PM

Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum selling rock band Soul Asylum started as Minneapolis’ punk younger brothers to the Replacements and Husker Dü.

Their 1992 breakthrough album, Grave Dancers Union, featured the international hits “Runaway Train,” “Black Gold” and “Somebody to Shove.”

“Runaway Train” won a Grammy, and its music video brought nearly two dozen missing and exploited children and teens around the world home to their families.

Soul Asylum has released 12 original albums, in addition to multiple live albums and greatest hits collections.

Hurry Up and Wait was released in 2020 to much fan and critical acclaim worldwide, landing the band their highest Billboard chart position since 1995’s platinum-selling Let Your Dim Light Shine.

The current Soul Asylum line-up features Dave Pirner (lead vocals/guitar), Michael Bland (drums), Ryan Smith (lead guitar) and Jeremy Tappero (bass).

Pirner, generally considered to be one of the one of the great American songwriters, released a best-selling annotated collection of lyrics, Loud, Fast, Words, in 2020.

Soul Asylum released their 1993 MTV Unplugged performance on vinyl for the first time ever as a 2023 Record Store Day exclusive. In celebration of that 30-year anniversary, the band played a special unplugged show at State Theatre in Minneapolis on April 20 that was Soul Asylum’s highest-grossing show ever.

The band have booked multiple festival dates in 2023, and are continuing to do stripped-down acoustic shows as well.