June 16, 2023 | 7:30 PM

Experience Classic Albums LIVE as they perform the music of The Beatles – Let It Be. Note for Note, Cut for Cut!

Let It Be – The Beatles
Released – May 8 1970

We’ve been performing this album
All through America
And while the music elates everyone
It’s the funny voices between the songs
That make people smile the most
The Beatles let us in on their inside jokes
And also
Across the Universe
Which is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded

Did you watch the movie
We have
Some of us are on our third run through
It’s the fledgling music moments that resonate
A riff or a lyric is sparked
And the lads are on it like a hungry dog on a t bone

Let it Be is a document
That merits our ongoing attention
Both the music and film
Are part of our synergy now
We’ll pay this album
The ultimate respect
And perform it note for note

Craig Martin
Classic Albums Live