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Anne Suefert

Anne Suefert



Anne Seufert has had a lifelong passion for music that she wishes to ignite within the children of her community. From her earliest memories, growing up in the Miami, Florida area, music has filled every facet of her life. She learned to play guitar and to sing at her mother’s knee, which formed a treasured bond throughout their years together. Miss Anne joined the junior high band playing the flute starting in seventh grade and transitioned to marching band in high school. She continued with the flute in a Woodwind Ensemble in college while studying Music Ed. While there she also joined the college choir with her mother and her brother which was a tremendous family bonding experience. Miss Anne continues to pursue music for her own enjoyment and loves to play guitar and sing for people in venues around Ocala and for her fellow mothers of twins, in the state organization, in the role of chaplain.

Anne has been working in Early Childhood Education, at Maplewood Elementary School, since 1994. After almost 20 years, she decided to take her affinity for working with young children and her passion for music and combine the two into one joyful venture. She also wanted families to have the opportunity to form their own special bonds over music, understanding how intrinsic the love of music is in babies and young children. So, in 2013, she became a certified Kindermusik Educator and started her own business as Kindermusik with Miss Anne, serving many families over the years. She also continues to work at Maplewood in her current position in the music department.

The Kindermusik philosophies were quickly embraced by Miss Anne. Their approach to teaching the whole child made perfect sense. There is such excitement in watching the benefits of Kindermusik come to fruition through the noticeable growth of the children in the program. As stated on Kindermusik International’s website, “Combining read-aloud, singing, dancing, and tapping the imagination at every juncture is multi-sensory learning at its best! Kindermusik’s curricula stimulate multiple areas of the brain at once, heightening age-appropriate development in every lesson.”