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Erin Buss

Erin Buss

Board Member

Erin Buss is currently the Executive Vice President of Development and Strategy at Southeast Trust Company in Ocala, Florida.  Prior to joining Southeast Trust, Erin was the Firm Administrator for Purvis Gray and Company, and a commercial loan officer for Community Bank and Trust of Florida.

Erin is currently a member of the Blessed Trinity Catholic School Board and Blessed Trinity Core Youth Ministry Team; she also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Dance Alive National Ballet.  Her past community involvement includes March of Dimes and serving on the board of United Way of Marion County.

Born and raised in Ocala, Florida, Erin is proud to call Ocala home where she lives with her husband and their three teenage boys. The arts community continues to be a place she finds joy – especially music and dance (which she still enjoys teaching).  Choosing to use each day to its fullest, Erin enjoys running, yoga, hiking, and spending as much time with her family on the water or in the mountains.