The Ocala Symphony Orchestra and Reilly Arts Center’s mission is to connect as many people to music and the arts as possible. The Community Music Conservatory is a professionally run music school, and provides scholarship opportunities to students wishing to participate in group classes or private lessons. Scholarships are limited and awarded based on financial need and merit. Applications are reviewed at the beginning of each semester.


Who is eligible for this scholarship?

  1. Open to Students of all ages
  2. Must complete application
  3. Must have a letter of recommendation
  4. Must apply for a class currently being offered
  5. Must apply by the deadline


How to Apply

Simply fill out the scholarship form here:  CMC Scholarship Application

You will need:

  • Basic information on your household size and income
  • Basic contact info for the student and Family
  • Financial documents are encouraged but not required
  • Student Essays (for younger students or those with developmental disabilities, this can be submitted as a voice recording. Parent-written essays are acceptable for students under 6)
  • Email of your contact for a letter of recommendation


Application Deadlines

Fall: July 1st – August 25th

Decisions announced on September 1st

Spring: December 1st – 31st

Decisions announced on January 8th

Summer: May 1st – 30th

Decisions announced on June 8th




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