Boards at the Reilly Arts Center


The Reilly Arts Center is governed by a board of directors, and serves on behalf of the membership to ensure that the organization operates within the bylaws and other policies of the corporation. Each director supports the Reilly Arts Center through their time, talents and treasure on an annual basis.


Board Members


Jim Schneider, President

William Nassal, Vice President

Anne Koch, Secretary

Rob Relinger, Treasurer

Mike Bianculli

Randy Coates

Tom Dobbins 

R.J. Jenkins, Associate Board Liaison

Rick Kravitz

David Midgett

Robert Reilly, Director Emeritus

Morris Dittman, Emeritus

Paulette Millhorn, Emeritus


Associate Board of Directors


In 2017, the Reilly Arts Center established the Associate Board. The Associate Board is comprised of community members, 21-45, with a strong passion for growing the reach of the Reilly Arts Center and Ocala Symphony Orchestra. The three main focuses of the board are:

1) Build and engage audiences that are 21-45 years old

2) Support Youth Outreach initiatives

3) Support and grow opportunities for family activities at the Reilly Arts Center



RJ Jenkins, President

Company: Pyxis Admissions and Marion County Literacy Council

Other Local Affiliations: HOPS Historic Ocala Preservation Society and Colombia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration


Caly Bryan

Company: Angie Lewis State Farm

Other Local Affiliations: Young Professionals Ocala


Leighton Okus

Other Local Affiliations: Appleton Museum, Kimberly's Center for Child Protection and Meadowbrook Church


Jessica Kummerle

Company: College of Central Florida

Other Local Affiliations: Greater Ocala Woman's Club


Jessica Gilbert

Company: Kids Central, Inc.

Other Local Affiliations: Junior League of Ocala and Young Leaders Exchange


Megan Whittaker

Company: Ocala Wine Experience and Reilly Arts Center

Other Local Affiliations: Kids Central, Inc., Junior League of Ocala and Young Leaders Exchange


David Reutter 

Company: Appleton Museum of Art

Other Local Affiliations: FAFO and OMAC


Hilary A.C. Hoover

Company: Marion County Public Schools

Other Local Affiliations: Hello Gorgeous, Brick City Spa and Shoogie


Anthony Ortiz

Company: Ocala Fire

Other Local Affiliations: Young Professionals Ocala and Appleton Advisory Council


Greg Snider

Company: College of Central Florida

Other Local Affiliations: Ocala Symphony Orchestra


Dianna Paglia

Company: Honey's School of Dance

Other Local Affiliations: Junior League of Ocala and St. Paul's Christian School


Adam Volpe

Company: Pi on Broadway

Other Local Affiliations: Infinite Ale Works and local music scene