December 17, 2022 | 7 PM

Are You Dreaming Of A White-Haired Christmas? Assisted Living: The Home For The Holidays® is a 75-minute vaudeville-esque revue. The show focuses on the crazy antics that happen at the Pelican Roost Assisted Living “Home”, an active, full-service retirement community, during the holiday season. The holidays can be crazy but it is even more greatly celebrated when you don’t know if you will be here for the next one. The many characters at Pelican Roost sing and dance, revel and kvetch, celebrate and bloviate their way through Christmas and Hanukkah. Well, you get the idea, each one is living his and her life — in the moment — to the max. There are no sad songs, no Depends® jokes and no f-bombs in Assisted Living: The Home For The Holidays® everyone there is having way too much fun for that!