November 12, 2022 | 6 PM

This free public event will premiere the documentary film “Elevate Barbering Origins” to all who seek to see how the vision for the brand Elevate Barbering began. Prior to the film there will be a short speech to give a preface to the film and show appreciation for all who came to the event. The event will last approximately 4 hours in length.

About the film
Two Barbers embark on a journey to create a new barbering brand together and plan to elevate the barbering scene in their city. Fueled by the will to elevate themselves endlessly as barbers, the first step to their vision is to obtain a barbershop of their own.While only having a few years of barbering experience under their belt they have taken the risk and jumped head first into the world of barbering as owners. Their journey has just begun but their vision for the future has many obstacles to create the vision they seek.