April 6, 2024 | 3 PM

Margum is a pure traditional recital in the Bharatnatyam style of classical Indian dance composed in the 1700s when classical dance was solely performed in Indian temples. This dance piece depicts the rich tradition and aesthetics of Indian classical dance. The recital takes the audience along the journey of the dancer from the physical to the spiritual through the rhythm, melody, moods, vocabulary, poetry, and movements of Bharatnatyam dance.

The sequence and structure of a traditional Bharatanatyam recital resemble the dancer walking through the Indian temple – entering through the gate of “Alarippu” (rhythm) and crossing the hallway of “Jatiswaram”(melody) to the great hall of “Sabdam” (vocabulary). This space gives the dancer an expansive scope to revel in the dance’s music, rhythm, and moods. The dancer continues through “Padam” (poetry) and “Shlokam” (hymns), which provide her an ever-expanding space to delight in her creativity and artistic fulfillment. The recital concludes with intricate dance patterns of “Tillana” and energetically fast-paced movements of “Charanam” that signify the dancer’s union with her spirituality and fortification of the purified sanctum.

About the Artist

Ms. Binal Wala is an accomplished performer, choreographer, and teacher of the Indian classical dance form of Bharatnatyam. She has practiced her art for over three decades. Ms. Wala started her formal training in dance at a very young age and then completed her Master’s degree in Bharatnatyam. Presently, she is pursuing her doctorate (Ph.D.), studying the influence of 12th-century poets and poems on the traditions and evolution of Bharatnatyam dance. As the Director of Kalamandir Performing Arts, a dance academy in Ahmedabad, India, Ms. Wala has trained more than 5000 students. Many of her students have become successful dancers and choreographers in their own right. Ms. Wala has creatively introduced modern stories and languages, such as Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, etc., to the vocabulary of a traditional form of dance so that it can reach diverse audiences. Ms. Wala has presented dance recitals, workshops, and lecture demonstrations of Bharatnatyam classical dance in India and abroad. Ms. Wala has been honoured with titles of “Nritya Sadhak” (Devotee of Dance), “Nritya Bhushan” (Adornment of Dance), and “Naari Shakti” (Power of Women) for her dedication and contribution to Bharatnatyam. One of the greatest attributes of Ms. Wala is her ability to bring to life the stories, poems, mythology, history, and culture of India through dance. She also performs semiclassical and folk dances of India.