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At a time when sequels rarely lived up to expectations, The Empire Strikes Back set a new standard, bringing depth and emotion to the galaxy far, far away as a tragic second act to the classic trilogy.

With George Lucas in the executive producer’s chair, Empire was directed by Irvin Kershner, with a screenplay written by Lawrence Kasdan. A darker, tenebrous story, the film introduced new characters, like Master Yoda, who would become legendary, and left the world stunned with one of cinema’s biggest cliffhangers.

With higher stakes came further mastery from the visual effects wizards at Industrial Light & Magic, winning an Academy Award© for Special Achievement. As much a masterpiece as its predecessor, The Empire Strikes Back left the world anxious for the next chapter.


The Rebels are on the run as Darth Vader pursues them in search of Luke Skywalker. As Han Solo and Princess Leia flee from the Empire, Luke trains as a Jedi with the ancient Master Yoda. And when Solo and the Princess are captured, Luke is lured into a deadly trap where Vader unveils a shocking truth.